The PRATISHTHA BAZAAR firmly believes in creating strong partnerships. Steady and sustained growth, based on a clear vision has enabled The PRATISHTHA BAZAAR to become a global organization. Today, The company consists of several retail components manufacturing companies and two service companies in the areas of engineering design. The PRATISHTHA BAZAAR has technical and marketing alliances with major companies along with own manufacturing units. The foundation of The PRATISHTHA BAZAAR is based on three core values: Respect for the Individual, Service to the Customer and Excellence in the pursuit of our goals. I am glad that we have followed these principles over the last twenty five years. Focus on Quality and the commitment to offer our customers excellence in service, to meet their growing needs, have been the underlying factors of the company's success. We at PRATISHTHA BAZAAR are constantly upgrading our core competencies and aligning objectives at all levels to help achieve customer satisfaction. The company has adopted world-class contemporary manufacturing practices, participative management and break through management, to continuously learn and grow. The Group recently started its journey exploring disruptive technologies to bring them to market in the future. The PRATISHTHA BAZAAR is dedicated to the concept of Sustainability and views it's financial, environmental and social responsibility with a great deal of concern. It is already the recipient of the Environmental Excellence and is working. A Zero Waste program is dedicated to cutting all waste and developing value add products. It's social development programs are focused on education, skill development, entrepreneurship & healthcare. The company is committed to reach out to the underdeveloped and underprivileged sections of society, and equip them with the right skill sets to take on the challenges of life. The continuous customer focus, dedication, commitment, hard work and creativity of every employee of The company have brought laurels to the organization.. At this juncture, I would like to thank and congratulate all my colleagues and our customers for trusting and growing with the PRATISHTHA BAZAAR. The PRATISHTHA BAZAAR will continue to stay focused on our three beliefs and will remain committed to providing innovative next-generation products and services that will help the industry in its needs for the future.

Rajeev Kumar