Retail industry is growing at a fast pace globally, and so are their challenges. Most of the retailers are looking for new ways to improve brand experience across multiple channels and customer touch points. The client is a retail organization that specializes in hunting clothes tailor-made for specific kinds of hunting and for every season of the year. It utilizes both a product catalog and their website for communicating their products to customers. The client was able to solve their business problems and create the business tools they needed to succeed. With an overall more efficient and effective digital presence, the client was able to strengthen their brand by being present in several communication channels and highlighting their products and industry knowledge in all of them. The client is a leading online marketplace for home improvement products who needed to enhance their capabilities. Because of workable framework, the client’s internal IT team owned the solution after launch and has been able to support future evolutions. As needed, they have had the flexibility and tools necessary to create custom portals for targeting suppliers, partners, franchises, and other distinct audiences.